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Illustrating God's goodness to the world through stories for readers of all ages

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The Heart of Prayer is after one thing, helping readers cultivate a relationship with God through prayer. The purpose of prayer is a means of communication, a heart-to-heart communion with God our maker. As we draw closer to God, he draws closer to us. This practical book on prayer outlines easy to follow approaches for anyone interested in knowing God more intimately. The foundational elements to prayer and elements noted in this book can provide a way for people of any denomination to find the heart of God and his mercy and grace. A life of prayer is transformative and full of freedom. Find the freedom Christ paid for through a powerful relationship with God that can start in prayer.

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There are many books on prayer on the market today; however, there seems to be a lack of teaching on how to pray—until now. The Heart of Prayer does just that. D. M. shares from her own experiences and testimony. She gives the reader insight and instruction on prayer and how we can interact with God on a deeper, more personal level. I recommend this book to anybody with a desire to learn the basics of prayer and to those who want to strengthen their prayer life.


—Ben Monk Senior Pastor, Manchester Church of God

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Companion Workbook to The Heart of Prayer

The digital companion workbook to The Heart of Prayer The Essential Guide to Knowing God Through Prayer is now available. This was designed to be used side-by-side with the book to help the reader consider the content and apply the material to their individual life. 

This workbook is great for the individual or excellent for use with a small group so that each person can share or discuss what they are learning.

Buy one workbook for $39.95 with a license to use for up to 5 people by clicking the link


Receive a copy of a free workbook with the purchase of five books or more, simply order five or more books at once and then email with your order number and email address

D.M. Stahlheber's Allegorical Tale with Illustrations and Reflection Questions
For readers of all ages

Lost and Found, A Tale of Tiger Meets Unicorn is a whimsical tale of a surprise meeting between a tiger and a unicorn. The tiger discovers he is not lost but truly found when he knows his maker. This sweet tale is delightful for readers of all ages. The deeper meaning behind this allegory is explained at the end for readers to enjoy as their relationship with God grows.

This is a fun book for individual use and also for small group studies of all ages. The back portions outline the deeper meaning of this allegorical tale with scripture and reflection questions. 

Order your copy today by clicking below.

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